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New Mexico Reimagined at Star Ranch, Chimayo, NM
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At Star Ranch Tours we pride ourselves on offering a safe and fun tour to some of the more remote treasures that New Mexico has to offer.  We invite you to come along as we investigate new sites that will be added to future tours.  Since we haven’t been there, we can’t promise you what we’ll find, but we can guarantee you fun and adventure! Museums There are dozens of museums in New Mexico, from huge university affairs with changing exhibits and guest speakers, to little mom and pop enterprises that can be dusty and delightful.  Restaurants We love to share the delectable food of New Mexico with our guests, and we insist on trying any restaurant that is part of one of our tours BEFORE we bring our guests there.  Ghost Towns There are uncounted “ghost towns” in New Mexico...old mining camps, railroad stops, farming towns, Indian settlements, Spanish colonial villages, watering holes along historic Route 66.  Some still have a tiny population, some are abandoned, some are now just foundations and rubble.  We like to visit these sites to see if what remains is truly worth a visit by our guests. Forts The U.S. Military built a number of forts in New Mexico, to bolster the U.S. government presence in a new territory and to help kill or round up the Native American population.  The ruins of many of these old forts are still accessible to visitors. Pueblos - Ancient and Modern The Native Americans that settled in New Mexico, in a time before recorded history, built numerous small villages called pueblos (by the Spanish.)  Some of these pueblos are still inhabited and tours are sometimes available by local guides.  Many more pueblos were abandoned and have begun a slow return to the earth from which they rose.  We are always interested to see these intriguing remnants of the ancient original New Mexicans. Movie & TV Locations Since the early days of the movie industry, New Mexico has been a popular place to make movies.  Recent films that come mind are “Road Hogs,” “Cowboys and Aliens,” and “No Country for Old Men.”  For many people it is a special experience to see in person a locale that they saw on the screen.  Sometimes, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact location a scene took place, so scouting these sites is crucial to a good tour. Geologic Points of Interest New Mexico is home to hundreds of awe inspiring vistas and head scratching rock formations.  Most of the great geologic sites in New Mexico are remote, distant, dry, and far from paved roads.  When we are feeling especially adventurous, we head out to locate and photograph new views and formations to include in future tours. Historical Sites Beyond everything already listed above are the hundreds if not thousands of historical sites that could be wonderful additions to our tours...mission churches, railroad stations, civil war sites, Route 66 businesses, the Santa Fe trail, the Jornada del Muerto, the Camino Real. Businesses We know that our guests love to visit local businesses on their tours, galleries, jewelry shops, chocolatiers, vineyards, souvenir shops, and the like.  Whenever possible,we like to visit local businesses, introduce ourselves, and check out their products. Outfitters Our guests like to try just about everything...lots more things than Star Ranch Tours can offer.  So we work with other New Mexican tour groups and outfitters to provide the broadest possible range of experiences to our guests.  When we can, we like to try out their services before offering them to our guests.  This means we get to kayak, horseback ride, fish, raft, ski, and off-road, and call it research!

Cost: Half-Day Tour*



Age 6-12 $45 Under 6 Free** The price of this tour will include one meal.


Full-Day Tour*



Age 6-12 $65 Under 6 Free** The full-day tour includes two meals.


Long-Day Tour*



Age 6-12 $95 Under 6 Free** The long-day tour includes three meals.  This tour will explore beyond the immediate Albuquerque area and will last approx. 14 hours. *If there are substantial additional expenses such as fees for outfitters, the tour cost will be higher. **While children under 6 are generally free, if including a small child requires us to use a second vehicle or rent a larger vehicle, there will be an additional charge for a small child.  

Customize Your Tour

Even on the Explore the

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Explore the (sorta) Unknown Customize Your Tour

For Your Comfort

Please bring sunscreen, sunglasses, a jacket, and dress in layers.  Outside temperatures can vary widely with season, time of day, and elevation. Each participant will be given a Star Ranch water bottle, and water to refill the bottle will be available during the entire tour.
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