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Route 66, The Mother Road, cut through the center of New Mexico, leaving a legacy of broken dreams, heartache, and the spirit of a people seeking the American Dream.  Many of the businesses that sprang up to greet weary travelers have become landmarks that can still be seen today. To attract customers, many of the businesses along Route 66 invested in huge and elaborate neon signs to entice cars to pull in for a night in a motor court cabin or a simple but hearty meal.  Many of these marvelous signs have lost to us, but many still exist and some are being refurbished and re-lit, an honor befitting the works of modern art that they are. Star Ranch Tours can make your Route 66 dreams come true.  Drive the entire New Mexico span, eating at vintage diners and sleeping in a motel out of history.  Or, spend a half day or a day enjoying the many Route 66 landmarks in the Albuquerque area.  An evening tour will include dinner at a Route 66 diner and an enchanting look at many of the vintage neon signs that still light up night and the imagination. Below is just a partial list of the Route 66 landmarks that our tours will take you to in the Albuquerque area:

Cost: Albuquerque

Neon Tour



Age 6-12 $75 Under 6 Free* This tour starts with dinner at the 66 Diner and then continues in the evening.


Full-Day Route 66



Age 6-12 $175 Under 6 Free* The full-day tour includes a meal at the 66 Diner  and a second meal at another great Albuquerque cafe.


Long-Day Route 66 

/ Albuquerque Neon Tour



Age 6-12 $145 Under 6 Free* The long-day tour includes a meal at the 66 Diner and a two other meals.  This tour will explore beyond the immediate Albuquerque area and will return to Albuquerque in the evening to see the Rt 66 neon.  This tour will last approx. 14 hours. *While children under 6 are generally free, if including a small child requires us to use a second vehicle or rent a larger vehicle, there will be an additional charge for a small child.  

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For Your Comfort

Please bring sunscreen, sunglasses, a jacket, and dress in layers.  Outside temperatures can vary widely with season, time of day, and elevation. Each participant will be given a Star Ranch water bottle, and water to refill the bottle will be available during the entire tour.
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