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New Mexico Reimagined at Star Ranch, Chimayo, NM
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Star Ranch is located in

north central New Mexico

in the historic village of


I am Judy Trimarchi...my husband, Joe, and I are in the early stages of a project that should occupy the next 25 years of our lives. We are going to create a home in Chimayo, New Mexico that is as green, smart, accessible as we can make it!  Our new home will become a bed & breakfast and headquarters for our various businesses,.  Our goal is to employ dozens of different smart and sustainable technologies as well as features for universal accessibility.  We want to incorporate sustainable and repurposed materials, green building and remodeling methods, solar energy collection, wind power, grey-water reclamation, xeroscaping, etc.  We also will be composting, recycling, making our own cleaners and personal care products and generally moving towards greener life practices. Beyond these typical green features, we want to also create a “Smart Home.” Joe is an expert in wireless technology. We are planning to use wireless technology to help us control the thermostat, security, and other electronic devices in the home. We also want to incorporate "Universal Design," make the home universally accessible to the handicapped and more practical for everyone's use. We are planning to include safety rails next to all toilets and in all tubs and showers, hands free light fixtures, and other technologies that will make our home easier to live in and safer.  All of these activities are taking place at the home in northern New Mexcio that we bought in October 2015.  We also own 160 acres of cactus-covered sand in central New Mexico that we inherited from my father. This land was homesteaded in 1906 by my great-grandfather and was re-inhabited by my father over the last 30 years.  Our challenge on that property will be to tear down some of the existing buildings, restore the grass to its ungrazed state, and use the windmill to create power for the barn. On the macro-level, we as a population of thinking people need to start sooner rather than later figuring out how we are going to house the swelling population of this earth. We must start learning how to use and promote the use of sustainable materials such as rammed earth, adobe and straw. Wind and solar energy costs must be brought down to the affordable range of the common man. And here in America, if we can start building sustainable “smart” homes that look and feel as nice as our current wasteful homes, we will have solved a huge problem here locally. So please join me and Joe on our journey ... our journey home.