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New Mexico Reimagined at Star Ranch, Chimayo, NM
  The Fine Print
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PEASE READ THE FINE PRINT ABOUT OUR TOURS At Star Ranch Tours, we will do our very best to provide you and your group with an entertaining, informative and scenic tour experience.  Your safety, comfort and enjoyment are our goals. Safety Our tour leaders and drivers all have valid New Mexico driver’s licenses and have extensive experience driving on back country roads.   Our vans are always equipped with cell phone, GPS, and paper maps.  Before departing on every tour, our tour leaders file a trip plan with Star Ranch management, including a schedule and route map.  Star Ranch management will alert the authorities promptly if one of our tours does not check in a regular intervals. Our vans will carry sufficient water for the entire group for at least 24 hours.  The vans all carry first aid kits, nutritious snacks, flashlights, common OTC medications, sunscreen, water bottles for each person, flares, and other safety items. All of our tour leaders and drivers are Red Cross First Aid and CPR certified. If you have a health condition that may affect your ability to participate in a tour, please discuss this with our staff before the departure date.  Because of the distance that must be travelled to see a nice variety of sites, our tours are long and involve hours of sitting in the van.  At many sites, there is no pavement or smooth pathway to walk on or to support the use of a wheelchair or scooter.  Elevations in most New Mexico tour sites range from 4000’ to 10,000’.  This can cause shortness of breath and be dangerous for people with impaired breathing or heart conditions.  We try to select sites that have interesting sights and activities close to the where the van parks, but in some cases, the only way to fully appreciate a site is to hike on dirt paths up to a mile.  Please let us know in advance of any health concerns you may have and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.  We can rent a van with a lift (at an additional fee), and we can select sites for your tour that will allow you the maximum enjoyment while considering your health issues. Comfort All of our vans have comfortable plush seats and seat belts for all passengers.  We carry a small foot stool to aid people in stepping up into the van.  The vans are all air conditioned and have TV screens for watching movies or educational programs during long drives. Every tour guest is given a free Star Ranch water bottle at the beginning of the tour and fresh water will be available in the van to refill the bottles. We will stop regularly for photo opportunities and restroom breaks.  If you would like to take a picture, please let the driver know and, if possible, we will stop for you to take a photo.  If you are needing to use the restroom or stop for any other reason, let the tour leader or driver know and we will stop as soon as possible. Enjoyment At the time that you book your Star Ranch tour, we will work with you to create a tour that caters to your interests and expectations.  If you are a guest of Star Ranch, we will begin and end the tour there.  If you are lodging elsewhere, we can usually pick you up and drop you off the location(s) of your choice. Please be aware that New Mexico is a HUGE state.  It is not possible to visit multiple sites in different regions of the state on a 1 day tour.  Drive times from Star Ranch, Albuquerque or Santa Fe to the farthest state border can be up to 8 hours of driving without any time allotted for sight seeing or breaks.  To get an idea of what types of sites you would like to see and experiences you would like to have, please review our various tour pages to get an idea of what is available.  Pick a handful of places that sound interesting to you and then let us know what you have selected.  Based on that list, we can create a 1 day, or longer, tour that will include these sites or similar sites that are in close proximity to one another.  Sometimes things go wrong Weather, road conditions, sudden site closures, and other factors can occasionally affect one of our tours. We will do all that we can to work around a problem to keep the tour moving and fun.  We, unfortunately, cannot guarantee that your tour will include all the sites that were listed on the website or at the beginning of the tour day.  To the extent possible, we will substitute other interesting sites and scenery. If your tour is interrupted, changed, or cancelled during the course of the tour, you may be offered a free tour in the future, a prorated refund, and/or a full refund, at the discretion of the tour leader.  Star Tours will not be held responsible for lost travel, lodging or meal costs that you have incurred in order ot participate in one of our tours. You will be asked to sign a waiver of liability at the beginning of the tour. Now for all the legal stuff We are not responsible for services provided by other vendors Star Ranch Tours acts only as an agent for any transportation carrier, hotel, ground operator, or other suppliers of services connected with these tours ("other providers"), and the other providers are solely responsible and liable for providing their respective services. The passenger tickets in use by the carriers shall constitute the sole contract between the carriers and the passenger; the carriers are not responsible for any act, omission, or event during the time participants are not aboard their conveyances. We will not be held liable for lots of the bad stuff that could happen to you Star Ranch Tours shall not be held liable for (A) any damage to, or loss of, property or injury to, or death of, persons occasioned directly or indirectly by an act or omission of any other provider, including but not limited to any defect in any aircraft, watercraft, or vehicle operated or provided by such other provider; and (B) any loss or damage due to delay, cancellation, or disruption in any manner caused by the laws, regulations, acts or failures to act, demands, orders, or interpositions of any government or any subdivision or agent thereof, or by acts of God, strikes, fire, flood, war, rebellion, terrorism, insurrection, sickness, quarantine, epidemics, theft, or any other cause(s) beyond their control. The participant waives any claim against the Star Ranch Tours for any such loss, damage, injury, or death. Our tours are for mentally and physically healthy people By registering for a Star Ranch Tours the participant certifies that he/she does not have any mental, physical, or other condition or disability that would create a hazard for him/herself or other participants. Star Ranch Tours reserves the right in their sole discretion to accept, decline to accept, or remove any participant on a Star Ranch Tours.  Star Ranch Tours must be informed in advance of any health issues a participant has that might affect their ability to participate in the activities of the tour. If conditions change, the tour may change Star Ranch Tours reserves the right, without penalty, to make changes in the published itinerary whenever, in their judgement, conditions warrant or if they deem it necessary for the comfort, convenience, or safety of participants. You’re responsible for your stuff Personal effects are at all times the sole responsibility of the participant. Multi-day tour prices are based on double occupancy of hotel rooms Basis of Rates: All prices for 2-day and longer tours are based on two persons sharing a room or cabin. If circumstances change, prices may change without notice All prices and fares are quoted in U.S. dollars. The rates are based on current tariffs and are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. While we will do everything possible to maintain the listed prices, if it is necessary to levy a surcharge, we reserve the right to do so, and notification will be given at the time of final invoicing. No unaccompanied minors Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the entire journey. Children in car seats are free, UNLESS their participation requires us to provide a larger vehicle for the group We are happy to include small children in our tours, and we like to include them at no charge.  But if a child or children in car seats increases the group size to the point where we must use a larger vehicle for the entire group, a vehicle surcharge will be added for each small child. What is included in the price of the tour? Accommodations and meals as indicated in the itinerary (B = breakfast, L = lunch, D = dinner); educational materials; pre-departure information; entrance fees, excursions, and sightseeing noted as included in the itinerary; all gratuities except those for van driver, unless otherwise noted on the itinerary page; ground transportation during the expedition; services of  lecturers, guides, expedition manager, and any other staff; and taxes.  What is not included in the price of the tour? Not Included: activities noted as optional in the itinerary; gratuities for the van driver, baggage/ accident/ cancellation insurance; personal expenses, and alcoholic beverages; and any other items not specifically noted as included. Payments, Cancellations, and Refunds To reserve space on a Star Ranch Tours, a $50 per-person deposit is required for trips that are 1 day or less, and a $100 per-person deposit is required for trips that are 2 days or more. Final payment is due on the day of departure. Payments must be made by credit card or Paypal.   All cancellation notices must be received by phone and will become effective as of the date of the call. If you cancel 24 hours or more prior to departure, a full refund will be made.  If you call to cancel less than 24 hours before departure time, you will receive a refund of entire purchase price LESS 50% of your deposit amount for each participant.  i.e. If you purchase four 1-day tours at $200 each and you pay in advance -- if you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, you will be refunded your total purchase price of $800 LESS 4 x $25 (half the $50 deposit) for a total refund of $700. If you leave the tour, there is no refund Leaving a tour in progress, for any reason whatsoever, will not result in a refund, and no refunds will be made for any unused portions of an expedition. If we cancel a tour you get a credit and/or a partial refund and/or a full refund We reserve the right to cancel any trip because of inadequate enrolment that makes the trip economically infeasible to operate or because of good-faith concerns with respect to the safety, health, or welfare of the participants. If an expedition is canceled prior to departure, Star Ranch Tours will provide you with a full refund of monies paid; except in the event that the cancellation is due to a significant event that makes it infeasible to operate the expedition as planned, in which case Star Ranch Tours  will provide you with a refund and/or credit toward a future tour equivalent to monies paid.  If we cancel the trip in progress, you will receive a prorated refund.  We will not be responsible for any refund for non-refundable airline tickets or for any airline tickets purchased by the passenger directly from an airline or travel agent. Itinerary Changes The itineraries and staff presented on this website are subject to modification and change by the Star Ranch Tours.  Every reasonable effort will be made to operate programs as planned, but alterations may still occur after final itineraries are sent. Health Requirements You must be in good physical and mental health. Any physical condition, diet, or treatment requiring special attention must be reported to Star Ranch Tours when the reservation is made. We want to take pictures of you! We reserve the right to take photographs or videos of our tour participants during the operation of any tour.   If a participant prefers that his/her likeness not be used in Star Ranch advertising, he/she must notify us prior to departure of the trip.
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